Annotated Bibliographies

J. Chesmar. (2015, September). University of Texas professors ban guns in classroom despite campus carry law. Retrieved from

The author of the text is Jessica Chesmar, she’s a continuous writer for The Washington Post, her thesis is that more than 150 professors at UT are refusing to allow students to bring guns even though they legally can under the campus carry law. The protest was lead by professors and they also started a petition that received more than 2,000 signatures, Chesmar is writing the text to inform the public what’s going on in other states, they want people to decide that they don’t want to bring guns on campus. The specific target audience is the student of UT, the professors made it pretty clear that they won’t condone hand guns in the classroom. Anyone looking for information about campus carry and the different view points will find this useful because it has valuable information.

N/A. (2017, July). Campus Carry. Retrieved from

There isn’t a clear author for the text, it’s more of an informative page, there was informative sessions held at the school by the University Attorney and Georgia State Police Chief, their main thesis is to inform the students and staff on exactly what the campus carry law consist of. It displays the bill and there’s an hour presentation of information, the main purpose is to inform anyone concerned about the new law, they want people to be knowledgeable and cautious. The specific intended audience is anyone going to Georgia State University that’s concerned about the law, I know this because they’re are people that don’t believe this is a solution but more a problem. Anyone who is concerned about their safety on campus will find this source useful. This assisted in my research process because this is directly from the school not a school across the country.

E. Stirgus and K. Torres. (2017, June 29). Saturday it’s official: Guns legal on Georgia college campuses. Retrieved from–regional-govt–politics/saturday-official-guns-legal-georgia-college-campuses/xRDUMtbd3QSWvzA1HFNVmI/

Eric Stirgus is a reporter that covers higher education issues and Kristina Torres has been a reporter for almost 2 decades, Kristina areas of coverage include state government, politics and Legislature, the texts main thesis is informing people that guns will be allowed on all public campuses in Georgia. They asked some professors about how they feel about the new law, their main purpose is to inform the people of what to expect the coming fall. The specific intended audience is anyone going to a public college in the state of Georgia, becuase this is effecting them personally. This source is useful for anyone trying to do some research to know a little bit more about the topic. This source informs my research becuase it tells in depth what the schools will and will not do now that this is a law.

L. C. Williams (2017, July). In Georgia you can carry guns on college campuses. Retrieved from

K. Foody (2017). Georgia governor approves carrying concealed guns on campus. Retrieved from

The author of this text is Kathleen Foody, she is a member of associated press, her thesis is Nathan Deal signs bill into law allowing students and staff of Georgia colleges to carry concealed weapons with a permit. It tells how it was veteod before because the bill was flawed. The purpose of the text is to inform the people and provide different points of view on the topic. The people directly effected, the students and staff who have to be on campus with these people who do decide they want to bear arms on campus. This article is helpful because I didn’t know it was vetoed once before it was passed. Deal is seen as a “flip-flop” as said in the text because he went back and reviewed it again the following year.

CBS News. (2017, Febuary). “Campus-carry” bill raises safety concerns. Retrieved from

The author is CBS News, they’re a popular news outlet, they believe the guns being allowed on college campuses comes with the concerns from the people. In the text it provides statistics and encounters with individuals. The purpose of the text is to inform the people of the background of the topic and the states going forward with the campus carry. The specific intended audience is the people attending campuses in the states that allow gun on campus. This article gave me the background information and some current while I learn more about my topic.

These are my Three other sources. My iPad is acting funny so I just copied the image of them.  For the first and last one Greg Bluestein is a writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He uses direct quotes from what Nathan Deal says. The purpose of the text is to inform and report to the people what’s going on within our state. The specific intended audience is whoever reads the news and people who want to know about the topic. Both of these articles by him were very useful. I knew Deal was opposed a year before but I didn’t know the circumstances.

I don’t know exactly who the writer is becuase it’s a law, but I’m sure they’re highly credible since they wrote the law. Though the language used is a little hard to follow, the law explains the guidelines and restrictions. The purpose of the text is to inform the people of the exact law not just pieces. The specific audience is anyone who wants to know the law and it’s restrictions. I found this text very informative. I picked the text apart and broke down words for better understanding. This has to be the most useful piece of information I’ve had.