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“Guns On College Campus” Nathan Arizona

   As of July 1, 2017 guns are allowed on Georgia public college campuses.  I personally don’t believe this is the logical thing to do. To carry you have a liscence to carry and be 21 years of age. The firearms are not allowed in dorms. Allowing guns on campus is adding another problem for universities. I understand protecting yourself from predators but, anyone given the chance can snap and more harm can be caused. You can’t regulate everyone on campus, especially Georgia State University for example. This is an open campus anyone can walk on and off this campus. Allowing guns would give protection to the holder but some people don’t see it as protection, but as fear of what the person can do.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constituion they’re stance on the argument is neutral. They’re informing the public while holding an unbiased opinion. They talk of the worries some students have and how some of them believe allowing guns is added protection. “According to system officails, the law leaves it up to the person carrying the gun to know what the rules are and to follow them” (Stirgus and Torres). The rules need to be clear and posted for everyone to see and follow. You can’t expect people to know and abide it has to be there. Lauren C. Williams, a writer for, is clear about her stance on the subject. She believe the timing of this came after several recent shootings across the U.S. , from the hospital shooting in Brooklyn, where the gentlemen snuck an AR 15 under his lab coat. Or the shooting of republican congress members at a baseball game in Arlington, Virginia. She’s foreshadowing the future on Georgia college campuses.

Gun carry on college campus is an important topic, because everyone that goes to school and stays near campus are effected. I feel safe on campus without carrying a gun but people want added protection for when the cops can’t protect you. The college students and staff are directly effected. We have to go to class with the people that decide to bare arms on campus. We’re here to focus on our education, not to worry about if our classmate is carrying. Recently a Georgia State student was robbed at gunpoint by 2 men walking back to his apartment. In this case the person would feel that carrying on campus could’ve protected him that night, but in reality you can’t trust people to do the right thing all the time. It’ll always be the group that ruins it for everyone.


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